Upgrade your phone service and lower your costs by using vaTelphone's hosted VOIP telephone technology.

VOIP service supplied by vaTelephone through your broadband internet connection includes:
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling in the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada
  • Very low per minute international call rates
  • Drop your existing land-line phone service, but
    keep your existing phone number and phone instruments
    works with legacy systems
  • One billing telephone number with enhanced 911
  • Additional phone numbers
  • Local number portability
  • Calling name directory listing based on geographical relevance
  • Includes voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, and other features
  • Options include:
    • Discounted in-bound toll-free numbers
    • Extra toll-free numbers
    • International numbers
    • Different area code numbers
    • Additional directory listings
    • Conference bridge
    • Calling card

Plus advanced functionality that will change the way you do business!
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